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Kemet Egyptian Pharoah Tank Top

Product Code: MS1166

Dr. Diop argues that the “first inhabitant of Europe was a migrating Black: the Grimaldi Man.” Dr. Diop argues that the normative beliefs of Africa as backward has prevented the world from accepting the truth about world history. Dr. Diop argues that Racial differentiation occurred in Europe during the last ice age. Dr. Diop and other scientist are able to make these claims because of the evidence of the early stone industry developed in ancient Europe. This stone industry was found and dates back to the European Upper Paleolithic period called Aurignacian industry. According to Dr. Diop, “some believed they  saw in Lower Perigordian a strictly European industry anterior to the previous one, whose creator would have been truly indigenous to Europe, as opposed to the Grimaldi Black invader. This refers to the Combe Capelle Man.” Dr. Diop argues that the Combe Capelle Man “is as typical Black as the Grimaldi Man himself and that both individuals belong to the same anthropological type.” Printed On Soft US Sized Cotton Tank Top Regular Fit. DTG Non-textured Smooth Print Quick Shipping. This Item Is Limited, we only receive a few of these from local vendors. So it is first come first serve. Here today Gone Tomorrow for this Product.

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