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African Roots Tank Top

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Dr. Diop posits that modern science denial of race and the advancing of the theory  of differing populations worked to establish a  racist European ideology. This ideology sought to deny race and as a result re-write history.  Despite the politics, history shows many European historians who speak to the origins of life and civilization beginning in Africa, with Africans. Dr. Diop explains that the Paleolithic period took place in the Nile Valley, populated by the Africans for hundreds of thousands of years until invasion/introductions of other people. Using the tomb of Ramses the III, which depicts the genetic table of races, proves that the Egyptian perceived themselves as Blacks. according to the tombs, artifacts and ruins, the Egyptians used no divisions to distinguish themselves from other Africans. They thought of themselves as African or as Dr. Diop writes, “they belonged to the same ethnic universe.” Printed On Soft US Sized Cotton Tank Top Regular Fit. DTG Non-textured Smooth Print Quick Shipping. This Item Is Limited, we only receive a few of these from local vendors. So it is first come first serve. Here today Gone Tomorrow for this Product.

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