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About Us

Launched in 2005 by a Collaboration of graffiti artist Melanin Strong is the original progressive urban fashion clothing site. Step into the realm of black empowerment and African pride with Melanin Strong Black Power T-shirts. Our diverse Melanated collection features a range of impactful black power tees that exude strength and Black unity. Embrace the essence of black clothing with our exclusive Afrocentric designs, representing power in black and celebrating the beauty of black people's clothing. As a dedicated black-owned t-shirt company, we take immense pride in offering clothes that uplift the Black community and amplify our commitment to black excellence. Join the movement and show your support for black-owned businesses with our remarkable Black Pride merchandise. Stand tall in the spotlight with our bold all-black clothes, symbolizing resilience and influence. Discover our curated selection of black apparel, including designs from visionary black designers, paying homage to black history and culture. Elevate your style and embrace unity with Melanin Strong Black Power T-shirts – the ultimate statement of empowerment and a celebration of fighters' clothing. Melanin Strong delivers a full spectrum of unique t-shirt designs that serves as a gateway to multi-faceted cultures and communities. Well established as the gold standard in Graphic T-shirt designs, Melanin Strong utilizes its influential style to define and create the cutting edge in fashion, art and more. Melanin Strong maintains its position as the premier online destination for music and fashion connoisseurs worldwide